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Auction Stats - percentages sold and sale totals


Thanks to multi-camera YouTube webcasting - plus and Proxibid on-line bidders - combining to far outnumbering the sale attendances of even well-attended traditionally conducted auctions, the highest ratings of the month’s sales reviewed were achieved at behind closed door sales.

When C.A.R. clicked on to YouTube for the Silverstone Auctions Friday sale, we joined 8,324 other viewers who were also tuned in to the Midland firm’s internet coverage at the time. Even more importantly, too, 80% of the 148 cars on offer over two days were hammered down to absentee consumers who were physically elsewhere at the time.

The on-screen ratings were, once again, impressively high at the Anglia Car Auction ‘Drive Throughs’, where there were no locked-off, passport-photo style fuzzy images, but well shot moving pictures of cars for sale being driven past the rostrum, where 94% of 110 of them sold during the Saturday show and 84% of another 124 cars changed hands Sunday.

77 classics being auctioned by Morris Leslie in Scotland could also be viewed ‘live’ by potential consumers, be they on lap-top or iphone screens, anywhere in the world, being driven across the Perthshire block for the first time.

There were buyers meanwhile for 56 or 84% of the 67 cars offered during November on a Timed Out basis on The Market, where £1,040,000 was spent by buyers and, with another month still to go, the internet platform’s 2020 sales are close to £10m. RH-E

AuctioneerLocationDatePremiumSold/ Offered% SoldSale Total
(Timed Out)
Leominster, Herefordshire 31-5 Nov 12% 57/7081%£592,900
(Live Drive-Through)
King's Lynn, Norfolk7-86-8%208/23489%£1,614,253
(Live On-Line)
Sherborne, Dorset1112%7 of 2232%£44,688
Morris Leslie
(Live Drive-Through)
Errol, Perthshire2110%50/7666%£414,842
(Live On-line)
Warrington, Cheshire2512.5%32/7642%£494,469
The Market
(Timed Out)
Abingdon, Berkshire1-300%56/6784%£1,040,000
(Live On-Line)
Stoneleigh, Warwicks13-1412.5%119/14880%£8,027,887

Auction Stats