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CCA on-line only Saturday 28 March sale sees batches of lots auctioned on 12 hour time-out basis on Proxibid website

Having already relocated from the cancelled Practical Classics Show at the NEC, and then prevented by the Boris Ban on gatherings from holding a physical auction at the Warwickshire Event Centre, CCA had hoped to have an on-line only sale for the 188 cars originally catalogued for Birmingham.
Bidders were encouraged to do so either by telephoning through commission bids, or bidding for cars ‘live’ by telephone or on-line via three digital platforms - Proxibid, The Saleroom and Invaluable.
In line with the latest Government ‘stay at home’ legislation however, which has compelled even car showrooms and auction salerooms to shut down, along with most of the rest of the economy, the CCA sale will be completely virtual, with no ‘viewing day’ the day before sale day, as had become custom and practice at previous sales held at the WEC.
The usual delivery and collection of auction cars from the sale venue cannot be accommodated either (via transport and storage contractor E H Rogers Northanpton HQ) until HMG lifts their current 'stay at home' instruction for all non-essential activities.
Where possible, video content has been increased for each of the now 160 on-line auction cars, while interested parties can always obtain further details on all the cars in the sale before they go under the virtual hammer by contacting the CCA team by telephoning  01926 640888 or via
Ten lots will be offered from 7am-7pm each day during a 12 hour window on the platform over a 16 day on-line only process. Check out the lot list on the CCA website or the Proxid platform to see when these bidding windows are opened. To bid for cars though, you will need to register directly only now with Proxibid (0203 769 7206/0203 695 9870).
For more details, please refer to the helpful Proxibid ‘Tutorial Series’ videos on ‘Creating an Account’ and ‘Live Bidding’ on-line. For this sale, CCA have also specially reduced buyer's premium to 8% (9.6% inclusive of VAT) and absorbed the usual 1% Proxibid charge for on-line bidding.
Postponements, cancellations, wasted deposits and no immunity for Princes, PMs or Peasants
In the meantime, and in compliance with the new legisation empowered directives from Number 10, neither the revised 'Behind Closed Doors' Bonhams sale planned for Sunday 29 March at the already cancelled Goodwood Members' Meeting or the ACA 'Drive Through, even though held within their own vehicles auctions centre at King's Lynn Saturday 4 April, can now take place, either 'live' or on-line.
The modern Le Mans 24 Hours has been moved to September, although when and whether Le Mans Classic and the Artcurial sale can still take place is also uncertain, while the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Bonhams auction have already been postponed to who knows when. Although as I write this, the Silverstone Classic IS still going ahead apparently.
Having personally incurred up-front airline ticket payments and advanced parking charges with no refunds however, and funded non-refundable hotel bookings for cancelled trips, best advice has now to be - do not advance-book or pay for any flights, ferries, event admission tickets or accommodation deposits, until further notice.
With Prince Charles, the PM and the Health Secretary all testing positve for Covid-19, clearly nobody is immune from becoming a mere statistic in Big Brother Britain. RH-E


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    Classic Auction Review congratulates Josh Fisher on winning the 2019 Castle Combe FF1600 Championship in the C.A.R. supported 1999 Van Diemen RF99/JL14 run by Wayne Poole Racing.
    With victory at the Grand Finals Day round on 14 September, 2008 and 2017 Champion Fisher has therefore secured his third FF1600 title for WPR with 6 wins, 3 seconds and a third place at the West Country circuit.
    Our thanks to Swindon Powertrain for building a race winning engine, the WPR crew for preparing a car that has achieved a 100% finishing record and, of course, to photographer Mike Stokes for digitally capturing the action.

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