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2.88m euros (£2.52m) 1965 Ferrari 275GTB Alloy heads 10.6m euros (£9.24m) record Belgian sale for Bonhams at Zoute, where 71% of cars sell

This was a largely encouraging Friday 11 October night out for the collector Ferrari market with five Italian Stallions dominating the Bonhams Motor Cars Europe top ten, led by a 1965 275GTB Alloy ‘long nose’ being applauded when hammered down by auctioneer James Knight to a buyer in the champagne fuelled seats for 2,875,000 euros (£2,516,142 with premium).
Fully justifying its own catalogue and preceded by a video, the matching numbers and Ferrari Classiche certified 275GTB was one 60 alloy-bodied Berlinettas produced with penetrative nose, long bonnet, purposeful side-vents, high waistline and short be-spoilered tail. Already a podium finisher at Le Mans Classic in the hands of previous owner Gregory Noblet, chassis 08061 would be eligible for and competitive in all the Blue Riband Historic Races on both sides of the Atlantic.
The same buyer also paid 86,250 euros (£75,484) for a twin-engined 1964 Citroen 2CV Sahara AZ 4x4, one of only 5 believed to have been assembled in Belgium, and 46,000 euros (£40,258) for a 1955 Cadillac S62 Eldorado with Fleetwood Convertible bodywork that had been in Belgian Royal Family ownership of King Leopold III and his second wife Princess Lilian 1955-1962.
Bidding opened at 900,000 euros for a Ferrari Enzo with 26,707k under-wheel that was keenly contested on internet and telephone until sold to a European bidder for 1,506,500 euros (£1,318,458). But one of the only 400 homage models to Ferrari’s founding father had been first registered in tax-friendly Andorra since 2004, and both hammer price and buyer’s premium were therefore subject to customs duties and local taxes if the supercar with F1-derived technology were to remain within the EU.
A Classiche checked F40 also realised forecast money, a desirable ‘non-cat’ and ‘non-adjustable’ model with wind-up windows and air-con,  was fought over by two internet bidders from 770,000 euros until won by one of them with a bid of for 800,000 euros, costing the new owner 920,000 euros (£805,165) for starters.  An F12 in fully loaded special order spec that had been driven only 6000k from new in 2016 was valued by the second owner at £687,190 (£601,405) and a 13,000k 1980 512BB with Classiche ‘Red Book’ fetched the required 253,000 euros (£221,420).
Other top ten priced cars included a Mille Mille eligible 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, the 152nd built with all number still matching, sold for a forecast 1,035,000 euros (£905,811) and a below estimate 330,000 euros (£288,809) was accepted for a 1971 280SE 3.5 Cabriolet with floor-shift.
An internet player meanwhile outbid those in the saleroom and on the phone to buy a 24,149k since 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale for an estimated 402,500 euros (£352,250). A period-raced and Mille Miglia Retro eligible 1964 OSCA 1600 GT with distinctive ‘Double-Bubble’ top bodywork by Zagato sold for 379,500 euros (£332,130 euros), more than forecast.  A within estimate 281,750 euros (£246,581) was available for a Bristol-engined 1958 AC Ace Roadster, a left-hand drive US market model with overdrive and disc-brakes.
The final maths for the sale were 20 cars sold, 71% of the 41 offered, for 10,541,490 euros (£9,291,154) including buyer’s premium, an average of £363,500 euros (£316,295).
Pre-post sales, 12 of the cars in the catalogue therefore unsold included a 1930 Mille Miglia raced OM Type 665 Superba Supercharged Zagato Roadster which ran out of interest at an insufficient 1,050,000 euros (£913,000). The sale of a 1960 Ferrari 250GT S2 Pininfarina Cabrio was abandoned at 1,000,000 euros (£870,000) on the screen, an Invicta 4½-Litre S Type Low Chassis  with known history since 1931 at 780,000 euros (£678,600) and a Pennsylvania supplied in 1964 Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster at 730,000 euros (£635,100).  
After all four child’s car warm-up lots had sold for a very adult 67,830 euros (£59,379) however, 26,450 euros (£23,148) of it spent on an already green electric ‘Nick Lauda Ferrari 312T’, and a Belgian 1927 Gillet-Herstal 346cc Tour du Monde had been pushed away for 6900 euros (£6093), Bonhams 7th sale at Knokke-Heist beside the North Sea had grossed 10,616,220 euros (£9,236,111). With a surplus of Brexit-inspired depression on the other side of La Manche, this was a welcome Belgian aperitif for EU mainlanders during an early Friday evening session before dinner only 8km from the Zeebrugge ferry. RH-E



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