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Auction Stats - percentages sold and sale totals


Government measures to combat Chinese virus by shutting down the economy were responsible for there being only 3 ‘main stream’ sales for classic cars held in the UK during April, all on-line, behind closed doors with no public present. Only 1 auction was actually run ’live’ however with a transparent auctioneer who consumers could hear and see handling absentee bids placed pre-sale on commission, made by telephone during the sale or moused-in via the internet.

May should at least see less ‘virtual changes of ownership’ and more auctions taking place in real time in what may well be the new reality in a socially-distanced world for the foreseeable future. Extremely boring, yes indeed, like drinking alone at home during pubs-prohibition and not being able to drive to a race meeting in an interesting car, but one more tedious fact of life during the Covid-19 era. ‘Stay Alert’? With great difficulty, I would suggest.

AuctioneerLocationDatePremiumSold/ Offered% SoldSale Total
CCA (Timed-Out) Lighthorne 28 March-12 April 8% 94/154 61% £1.71m
H&H ("Live" On-Line) Warrington 29 12.5% 44/63 70% £520,648
The Market (Timed-Out) Abingdon 1-30 0% 38/42 90% £882,635

Auction Stats