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Auction Stats - percentages sold and sale totals


Even more internet salegoers are now physically inspecting auction lots in the metal with their documents, by appointment, during an increasing number of socially distanced viewing days before bidding for cars on commission, by telephone and increasingly via i-phones, tablets or laptops.

Last month, 714 classics from 1048 offered in 10 auctions reviewed sold, a 68% sale rate, for £40,414,571 including premium, an average spent of £56,463 per car bought at auction.

Whereas this month, as the annual Monterey auction week fixtures were compressed into 3 auctions, two out of 3 run to On-Line Behind Closed Doors format with bidders competing from all over the world, we reviewed 8 mainstream sales with back-offices located on both sides of the Atlantic.

In August therefore, another 712 classics sold from 931 offered on 8 websites, a 76% sale rate (slightly up on last month), for £36,436,000 with premium (£4m less than in July) with an average of £51,174 spent per auction car bought (again only slightly less than one month ago).

The following C.A.R. stats from transparent auction firms, who publish their results, better inform market watchers and stakeholders and are recommended reading therefore, we would suggest, for all sellers and buyers as well as prospective vendors and potential owners.

AuctioneerLocationDatePremiumSold/ Offered% SoldSale Total
Gooding (Timed-Out) Santa Monica3-712%55/7771%£11,018,056
Brightwells (Timed Out) Leominster10-1312%74/9776%£799,882
RM Sotheby’s (Timed-Out) US-based10-1510%78/10972%£22,999,234
Bonhams (Live On-Line) Los Angeles1412%62/9963%£9,729,634
H&H (Live On-Line) Warrington1912.5%37/6854%£353,130
ACA (Live Drive Thru On-Line) King’s Lynn22-236-8%241/30579%£1,803,078
Morris Leslie (Live On-Line) Errol, Perthshire2210%45/9647%£244,359
The Market (Timed Out) Abingdon1-310%61/6890%£1,071,563

Auction Stats