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These were some of the collector vehicles sold and therefore valued by their buyers on telephone or on-line, either ‘Live’ or before ‘Timed Out’ in internet auctions, during August 2020. They have been listed in order of the prices paid for them.

And in compliance with virus-spread distancing guidelines, cars being auctioned were often no longer displayed in one saleroom or auction tent, where they could be physically viewed, but were bid for and bought purely on the digital descriptions and images posted on the auction platforms.

Whether present and on-site or still at their vendors, all the premium-inclusive sums listed were therefore not their previously insured values nor advertised ‘asking prices’ (so rarely achieved in what has been a buyers’ market for some time), but their current valuations. This therefore is a real world guide as to what those in the market for a classic car are actually prepared to pay for them.

As a rare, but accurate barometer reading for a variety of stock at all price levels on the internet, why not check out the next tranche of accurately priced auctioned classics which appear on these pages every month. RH-E

CarYearConditionCompanyPrice (£)
Ferrari 550 GT1 Prodrive LHD race-cpe2001exc/rblt/hi/timed-out record!RM Sotheby's3,260,400
Ferrari 275GTB long nose lhd cpe1966exc/unrestd/ghGooding2,340,800
Ferrari F50 PF hdtp lhd cpe1995exc/fo/1x50Gooding1,621,840
Porsche 718 RSK Wendler race-spdr1959vg/restd(o)/ghBonhams1,585,075
Ferrari 275GTB PF lhd cpe1965supb/restdRM Sotheby's1,504,800
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 GS Vitesse MC lhd2014supb/400m/1x3Bonhams1,425,000
Pagani Huyara 6.0 V12 lhd cpe2014supb/5500mRM Sotheby's1,404,480
Ferrari F40 lhd cpe1992exc/4600m/1x213 US-specGooding1,237,280
Ferrari 250GT/L Lusso Berlinetta PF lhd1964exc/repaint(o)/v orig intRM Sotheby's1,136,960
Ferrari F40 lhd cpe1991exc/sh/6407mRM Sotheby's1,053,360
Packard DL 8 Dietrich Victoria lhd conv 1932supb/restdRM Sotheby's802,560
Mercedes-Benz 300SLlhd rdstr1960supb/restdRM Sotheby's794,200
Duesenberg J Murphy lhd town1934exc/restd/ghGooding769,120
Porsche 916 lhd proto-cpe1972exc/restd/55,412mRM Sotheby's727,320
Mercedes-Benz 300ScLlhd rdstr1956exc/restd(o)/x53Bonhams722,760
Mercedes-Benz 300SL lhd hdtp rdstr1961exc/gh/1xc270Gooding718,960
BMW M1 Procar lhd race-cpe1980exc/restd(o)/ghRM Sotheby's693,880
Porsche MOMO 356 RSR Outlaw lhd cpe1960exc/2.4 Twin TurboRM Sotheby's652,080
Ford GT lhd cpe2017supb/oo/1300mRM Sotheby's652,080
Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GTC Trg Cpe Royale1931exc/restd(o)Bonhams442,700
Ferrari 250 lhd PF cpe1958exc/restd(o)Bonhams346,560
Ferrari 365GTB/4 Dayt PF lhd cpe1972exc/repaint(o)/orig intBonhams329,840
Porsche 356A Reutt1500 4-cam lhd cpe1957exc/restd(o)Bonhams325,660
Lamborghini Aventador LP750-5 SV lhd cpe 2017supb/325m/foBonhams317,300
Spyker C8 Laviolette lhd cpe2008supb/45m/hi/1x58Gooding300,960
Porsche 901 2.0 lhd race-cpe1964exc/restd/ghBonhams258,780
Aston Martin DB2/4 HJM lhd dhc1955supb/restdBonhams254,600
Ford GT lhd cpe2005supb/167mBonhams246,240
Ferrari 812 Superfast PF lhd cpe2018supb/300mBonhams235,790
Alfa Romeo 8C lhd comp-spdr2009supb/3600mBonhams225,340
Alfa Romeo 1900CS PF lhd cpe1953vg/restd(o)/upgradesBonhams215,980
Mercedes-Benx SLR McLaren lhd rdstr2008supb/3000mBonhams206,032
Rolls-Royce Dawn lhd dhc2018supb/1000mBonhams195,776
Porsche 356 Pre-A Reutter lhd spdr1955exc/restd/late 1.6 engGooding196,460
Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser lhd 4x4 leisure1967exc/restd/2F engGooding183,920
Triumph TR2 Experim race-spts 1955exc/restd/hiRM Sotheby's154,280
BMW Z8 man hdtp lhd rdstr2002exc/orig/1x926Gooding133,760
Renault Clio V6 Phase 2 2dr sal2005supb/lmThe Market43,500
Volkswagen T2 T1 split-screen camper1966exc/restdThe Market36,000
Porsche 911SC lhd cpe1978vg/restd(o)The Market31,750
Austin-Healey 100/4 BN1 spts1954vg/refurb(o)/BN2 boxACA28,620
Ford Capri 3000E Mk1 cpe1970vg/refurb/eng rblt/22,978mACA26,500
Austin-Healey 3000 BN7 Mk2 lhd spts1961g/refurb(o)/e-USACA24,380
Saab 900SE Turbo 2dr sal1993supb/fo/10,741mACA23,850
Alvis TD21 PW conv1969f/rest(s)The Market23,000
Lotus Esprit Turbo cpe1988exc/lmThe Market22,666
Lotus Elan S4 SE conv1969vg/gh/repaintACA22,790
Triumph TR4 Surrey-top spts1964vg/restdACA21,200
Triumph TR3 spts1957vg/ins repairACA20,140
Peugeot 172 GS lhd 2str spts1924vg/restd/720cc engACA19,710
MGB GT cpe1981exc/fo/908m!ACA16,740
Daimler Light 20 pre-select limo1936g/refurb(o)/69 bidsBrightwells16,128
Daimler 250-V8 auto sal1968vg/restd/42,289mACA15,900
Jensen Interceptor III auto 4str cpe1973f/stored/restn(s)ACA15,660
Bentley Brooklands auto sal1995vg/sh/35,472mACA15,390
Austin Mini Cooper 998 Mk2 sal1968vg/restd(o)/eng+box rbltACA15,105
Austin 7 Pocklington Special 2str spts1932exc/upgradesACA14,575
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk1 spts1961exc/restd(o)ACA14,310
Triumph Spitfire 2.0 spts1962exc/stored/restdACA13,250
Triumph GT6 cpe1971vg/restd(o)/65,938mACA12,690

f- fair; g - good; vg - very good; exc - excellent; supb - superb; conc - concours; sh - service history; fsh - full service history; g hist - good history file; hi - historically interesting; orig - original; v orig - very original; n orig - not original; lm - low mileage; vlm - very low mileage; del miles - delivery miles; oo - one owner; fo - few owners; p - poor; refurb - refurbished; renov - renovated; restd - restored; restd(o) - older restoration; restn(s) - straightforward restoration; restn(m) - major restoration; p restd - partially restored; compl - complete; inc - incomplete; to - taxes owing; not reg - not UK registered

A&F - Achard & Fontanel, B&C - Billeter & Cartier, Btn - Bertone, Chap - Chapron, Cors - Corsica, Far - Farina, Fiss - Fissore, F&W - Freestone & Webb, Fr - Frugier, Gh-A - Ghia-Aigle, Gr - Graber, Kar Gh - Karmann Ghia, L&M - Letourner & Marchand,Reut - Reutter, Tickford, Trg - Touring, PF - Pininfarina, Pra - Pralavorio, VDP - Vanden Plas, Vanvooren, Vignale, Wend - Wendler, Zag - Zagato

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