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Just some of the classics sold and therefore valued on the internet in 'Live' and 'Timed Out' internet auctions in the UK during July 2020. Listed in order of the prices paid for them, this tells you how much buys which classics and also what sort of spec and condition they were in when hammered away.

The premium-inclusive sums paid for auctioned classics were therefore not their previously insured values, nor advertised 'asking prices', the majority of which may no longer be achievable in pandemic times. But their valuations in the real world at the time of these transaction, indicating just how much those in the market are actually prepared to pay for cars. RH-E

CarYearConditionCompanyPrice (£)
Lamborghini Miura SV Btn cpe1972supb/restd/32,014mSilverstone1,912,500
Ferrari 275GTB Alloy cpe 1966supb/restdRM Sotheby's1,301,300
Mercedes-Benz 300SL NSL lhd gullwing1955exc/v orig/lmArtcurial1,255,800
1990 Ferrari F40 lhd cpe1990supb/fo/lmArtcurial849,758
Mercedes-Benz 300SL lhd rdstr1957vg/mech rblt/ghArtcurial760,487
Lancia Delta S4 Rally1985exc/restdRM Sotheby's700,700
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722S rdstr2009exc/lmRM Sotheby's550,550
Aston Martin DB5 4str cpe1965vg/repaint+retrim(o)Historics515,900
Bugatti 57 Vanvooren 4str cabrio1939exc/restd/hiArtcurial487,200
Porsche 911 993 RS cpe1995supb/16,117mSilverstone315,000
Jaguar XJ220 lhd cpe1992exc/6719kSilverstone292,500
Aston Martin V8 Vant Vol X-pac auto conv1989supb/restd/ex-lhdHistorics289,300
De Tomaso Vallelunga 16 lhd cpe1966exc/restd/foArtcurial285,012
Aston Martin DB4 S2 4str cpe1961exc/restd(o)/repaintHistorics270,050
Bentley S3 Conti Flying Spur 4dr auto lhd1963exc/repaint/orig intArtcurial259,678
Porsche 911 993 Turbo S cpe1998exc/1x26/34,428mSilverstone238,500
Bentley 3-Litre 2dr spts-tour1927vg/bdy refurb/ex-GN salBonhams MPH225,000
Spyker C8 Laviolette 4.2 LM85 edn rdstr2012supb/569mHistorics220,000
Jaguar XJ220 lhd cpe1992exc/22,699kSilverstone210,000
Porsche 911 930 Turbo LE cpe1989exc/1x50/25,930mSilverstone163,125
Citroen DS21 EFI Chapron lhd conv1970vg/restdSilverstone135,000
Sbaru Impreza 22B-S11 2dr1998supb/v origSilverstone130,500
Triumph TR4 Vig lhd cpe1960exc/resdtSilverstone125,000
Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1 2+21954vg/eng+box rbltBonhams MPH112,500
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 PF lhd2007supb/vlm/ooArtcurial95,120
Jaguar XK140 3.4 dhc1955supb/restdHistorics92,400
Jensen FF II 6.2 4str cpe1971supb/restdSilverstone90,000
Jaguar E Type S3 5.3 V12 man rdstr hdtp1974exc/restdHistorics88,550
Maserati Merak SS lhd cpe1976exc/refurb/ex-AbbaBonhams MPH85,000
Rolls-Royce Phant II Conti HJM sal1931g/recomm(s)/ex-dec estBonhams MPH84,375
Swallow SS1 4str cpe1934exc/restd(o)Silverstone84,375
Talboit AV95/105 Alpine rep-spts1934vg/gshBonhams MPH78,750
Jaguar XK120SE rdstr hdtp1954exc/restd/upgraded/ex-lhdHistorics78,650
Jaguar E Type S3 5.3 V12 man rdstr1973exc/restdThe Market75,000
Swallow Doretti rdstr1954supb/restdSilverstone74,250
Cord Westchester 812 s/c lhd sed1937vg/restd/ex-dec estBonhams MPH73,125
Jaguar E Type S1 4.2 cpe1965exc/restd(o)Historics67,100
Porsche 968 Sport cpe1993supbOPC/restdSilverstone66,375
Austin-Healey 100 BN2 lhd spts1956exc/restd(o)Artcurial58,058
Ford Focus RS500 2.5 2dr2010supb/lm/no 135Historics55,550
Bentley 4 1/4-Litre F&W razor-edge sal1939g/recomm(s)/ex-dec estBonhams MPH54,000
Ford Sierra RS Cosworth pre-prod1985exc/v orig/hiThe Market52,500
Venturi 269 Atlantique lhd cpe1993exc/eng+box rbltArtcurial50,669
Ford Escort RS2000 Mk11974supb/restdSilverstone51,750
Alvis TE21 auto PW dhc1965exc/refurb/in BelgiumH&H50,625
TVR Sagaris cpe2006exc/oo/tired int/59,000mBarons50,490
Delorean DMC 12 lhd gullwing1981exc/v orig/lmArtcurial46,444
Lotus Elan Sprint cpe1972supb/M Miller restdHistorics44,000
Ford Escort Twin Cam 2dr Mk1 Webasto1970vg/restd/69,000mBarons42,000
Lotus Seven S1 BMC 1098 spts1959exc/restdSilverstone39,375
Ford RS2000 Mk21977exc/restdBonhams MPH36,562
Austin Mini Cooper Downton 998 Mk1 sal1964supb/restdSilverstone34,875
Ford Cortina Mk1 1500GT1965exc/restd/upgradesHistorics33,000
Trident Clipper Ford US 289ci cpe1971exc/restdThe Market32,500
Daimler SP250 Dart spts1963g/restd(o)/wiresBrightwells31,360
Porsche 924S C16 cpe1988supb/OPC restdsupgradesSilverstone29,025
MG J2 spts1932vg/restd 70sH&H26,667
Bristol 401 2.0 man 2dr cpe1952f/part-restdBrightwells25,760
Riley RMC 2.5 rdstr1950g/restd(o)/in BelgiumH&H25,667
Bentley R Type auto sal1955vg/restd int/foCharterhouse25,440

f- fair; g - good; vg - very good; exc - excellent; supb - superb; conc - concours; sh - service history; fsh - full service history; g hist - good history file; hi - historically interesting; orig - original; v orig - very original; n orig - not original; lm - low mileage; vlm - very low mileage; del miles - delivery miles; oo - one owner; fo - few owners; p - poor; refurb - refurbished; renov - renovated; restd - restored; restd(o) - older restoration; restn(s) - straightforward restoration; restn(m) - major restoration; p restd - partially restored; compl - complete; inc - incomplete; to - taxes owing; not reg - not UK registered

A&F - Achard & Fontanel, B&C - Billeter & Cartier, Btn - Bertone, Chap - Chapron, Cors - Corsica, Far - Farina, Fiss - Fissore, F&W - Freestone & Webb, Fr - Frugier, Gh-A - Ghia-Aigle, Gr - Graber, Kar Gh - Karmann Ghia, L&M - Letourner & Marchand,Reut - Reutter, Tickford, Trg - Touring, PF - Pininfarina, Pra - Pralavorio, VDP - Vanden Plas, Vanvooren, Vignale, Wend - Wendler, Zag - Zagato

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