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CarYearConditionCompanyPrice (£)
AC Cobra MkIV lightweight-spts1990exc/refurbSilverstone£139,500
Alfa Romeo GTAM Rep 2.0 race1968g/restd(o)Silverstone£50,625
Aston Martin DB5 cpe1964vg/v orig/stored/fo/lmACA£556,500
Aston Martin V8 lhd cpe1977f/refurb(s)ACA£37,100
Aston Martin DB7 16 Vol auto conv1998vg/shACA£18,550
Aston Martin DB9 cpe2007exc/fsh/foACA£32,860
Austin Ruby sal1937f/refurb(o)/non-runnerSWVA£3,672
Austin A40 1200 spts1952vg/restd(o)SWVA£7,560
Austin Cpr 1071S Mk1 race1963exc/restd/1293 engSivlerstone£41,625
Austin Mini 848 Trav est1965g/refurb(o)/1275 engSWVA£5,400
Austin A110 DL 3.0 auto1967exc/restd(o)SWVA£14,256
Austin A35 848 van1968vg/restd(o)SWVA£5,616
Austin Mini Cpr 1275S Mk31971exc/restd(o)/ghSWVA£19,008
Austin 6cwt pick-up1971exc/restdACA£12,296
Austin 1300 Countryman Mk3 auto est1972exc/v orig/lmACA£6,996
Austin Morris Mini 95L van1980vg/retro-restd(o)ACA£11,448
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk1 hdtp race1959exc/restd/1380Silverstone£16,875
Austin-Healey Sprite Mk1 spts1959exc/restd(o)SWVA£14,163
Bentley Continental 6.0 GT auto cpe2004exc/fsh/lmACA£25,440
Bentley Arnage R auto sal2007exc/hi-spec/fshACA£25,440
BMW 2002 Tii sal1971exc/restdACA£19,292
BMW Z4 GT3 lhd race2010supb/rbltSivlerstone£118,125
Buick Riviera auto lhd cpe1965exc/restd(o)/foACA£21,730
Chevron B8 BMW M10 race-cpe2010exc/eng rbltSilverstone£104,625
Chevrolet 5.7 auto lhd hdtp conv1990f/refurbSWVA£6,588
Chrysler Wimbledon limo1939vg/restd(o)/hiACA£20,140
Citroen AC4G 30hp 7str Familiale1928f/restn(s)SWVA£2,376
Ferrari 330GT PF lhd cpe1964f/restn(s)ACA£146,280
Ferrari 365GT PF 2+2 cpe1970exc/restd(o)/foSivlerstone£200,250
Ferrari 308GT4 S2 Btn 2+2 cpe1980g/ins repairSilverstone£26,750
Ferrari F355 Challenge PF race1997vg/repaintSilverstone£88,875
Ferrari 360 Modena F1 PF cpe2003vg/psh/ex-CyprusACA£43,460
Ferrari 599GTB F1 PF lhd cpe2006exc/fshSivlerstone£77,625
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano F1 PF cpe2007vg/hm/refurb(s)/foACA£61,400
Ford Jeep GPW military1942g/restd(o)/recommSivlerstone£22,000
Ford Pilot V8 sal1951g/refurbACA£10,812
Ford Consul EPTA sal1955g/refurb(o)/eng rbltACA£7,526
Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby-Rep1965exc/refurbSilverstone£51,750
Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 sal1965f/damaged/restn(s)ACA£25,970
Ford Mustang marathon-rally1965vg/restd(o)/refurbSilverstone£25,875
Ford Cortina Lotus Grp 5 race-sal1966exc/restd/hiSilverstone£168,750
Ford Cortina Lotus Mk2 2dr sal1969supb/restdSilverstone£40,275
Ford Escort RS1600 Mk1 sal1972supb/restdSilverstone£69,750
Ford Escort Mexico 1.6 Mk1 sal1973exc/restd/upgradedSWVA£28,500
Ford Escort Mk2 2dr rally-sal1976vg/restd(o)/Pinto 2.0ACA£12,932
Ford Capri 3.0 Grp 1 race-cpe1980supb/restdSilverstone£68,625
Ford Capri 1.6GL cpe1980exc/stored/lm/foACA£9,856
Ford Escort L 1.3 Mk3 sal1981vg/orig/lmSWVA£3,402
Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4x41992exc/restd/lmSilverstone£20,813
Jaguar XK120 rdstr1950exc/restd(o)/upgradedSivlerstone£90,000
Jaguar XK120 3.4 lhd rdstr1952f/restn(s)ACA£32,860
Jaguar XK150 3.4 lhd cpe1957f/restn(s)ACA£33,920
Jaguar E S2 4.2 lhd rdstr1968f/refurb(s)ACA£36,570
Jaguar E S2 4.2 lhd rdstr1967f/restn(s)ACA£53,000
Jaguar E S2 4.2 lhd 2+2 cpe1969p/restn(m)ACA£6,784
Jaguar E S2 4.2 auto lhd 2+2 cpe1970f/restn(s)ACA£20,160
Jaguar E S3 5.3 2+2 cpe1971g/restd(o)/refurbACA£39,220
Jaguar E S3 5.3 lhd rdstr1973f/restn(s)ACA£36,040
Jaguar E S3 5.3 lhd rdstr1973f/restn(s)ACA£33,710
Jaguar XJS 5.3 auto cpe1989exc/lm/foSivlerstone£20,475

f- fair; g - good; vg - very good; exc - excellent; supb - superb; conc - concours; sh - service history; fsh - full service history; g hist - good history file; hi - historically interesting; orig - original; v orig - very original; n orig - not original; lm - low mileage; vlm - very low mileage; del miles - delivery miles; oo - one owner; fo - few owners; p - poor; refurb - refurbished; renov - renovated; restd - restored; restd(o) - older restoration; restn(s) - straightforward restoration; restn(m) - major restoration; p restd - partially restored; compl - complete; inc - incomplete; to - taxes owing; not reg - not UK registered

A&F - Achard & Fontanel, B&C - Billeter & Cartier, Btn - Bertone, Chap - Chapron, Cors - Corsica, Far - Farina, Fiss - Fissore, F&W - Freestone & Webb, Fr - Frugier, Gh-A - Ghia-Aigle, Gr - Graber, Kar Gh - Karmann Ghia, L&M - Letourner & Marchand,Reut - Reutter, Tickford, Trg - Touring, PF - Pininfarina, Pra - Pralavorio, VDP - Vanden Plas, Vanvooren, Vignale, Wend - Wendler, Zag - Zagato